I Challenge you!

I created this website because a friend asked me to make a photography challenge for instagram that caters to learning photography. This website will help guide you and to come to understand what each term means with some examples of my
own work to help you get the ball rolling.

This challenge is set up to focus on a different aspect of photography each week. Throughout the duration of the week there will be 7 types of photographs to shoot for. Each week will progressively get harder and build upon what you've learned. You can post your photos to IG with #TylersPhotoChallenge

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Since this challenge is baced on learning the basics of photography a phone or point and shoot will do just fine, you can use a DSLR to control your photographs better but this guide doesn't cover the use of one. Refrences: Lighting Types, and Composition Rules