A collection of my animation projects

Savage Dudes

What began as a final project from my animation class I came up with an idea to express myself through animation. The characters "Dude" and "Savage" are counterparts to each other and in a way are similar to my personality. They go through different situations and each has their own way of dealing with them. I'm naturally laid back but it doesn't mean I haven't thought of the other more Savage combination to go about something. These short episodes get to showcase both approaches in a comedic manner.

Angry Neighbor COVID

Animation Created in After Effects, Characters Drawn in Illustrator. All voice acting is done by me and I try to use as much original content as possible. Some sound fx have been sourced as well as music.

Project Immersion

Music is powerful and I love being able to be completely consumed and transported to a different place. I wanted to create an animation that would help facilitate a similar feeling. That in combination with a love of roller coasters I made this piece.

Animation created using Blender for the track and features, compiled in premiere pro with video of DJ lights and fog for atmosphere and me acting as a DJ in a rendered set created in Blender

Flipbook Animation

This is the first assignment from my animation class. The first task was to use a sticky note pad to draw an animation. Once the note pad was filled out I scanned each frame into the computer and used Photoshop to remove the background colors. Finally I drew in backgrounds adding color and other dynamic movement.