Video Art Projects

Ecstasy Light Show

An abstract video of a syncronized light show. Experience this seizure inducing video of awesomeness and be consumed by the music.


Video of DJ lights with fog, filmed in a basement. Edited clips together in Premire Pro to sync to a music track.
A Fun fact is the track this was edited to is 90bpm. technically you can mute the current audio and play another song that is 90bpm and get a similar working effect. It won't be a perfect match due to parts of the lights slowing down to the original track.

Two Emotions

Using inanimate objects to illustrate 2 emotions. I'd like to leave the video open ended and let the viewer come up with the story.

Tag You're It

A couple of college students start an intense game of tag on campus.

A random video showcasing continuity. A carefully editing technique to keep the movement flowing.
I shot all the scenes with 1 camera and edited the shots to flow without interrupting the action.