Designing for myself is quite the challenge. I tend to overthink and be self critical when it comes to my brand and how I want everything to look. Designing for other people and meeting their needs is much easier, I digress.

My logo icon or Brand Mark is a geometric rendition of a computer mouse. However this is not just any mouse. When I was in High school I built my first computer and bought all the accessories to go with it, one of them being the iconic mouse. The mouse featured programmable LED lights on the scroll wheel, DPI switches and the logo on the rear.

While taking a digital art class in high school we were assigned to create a still life drawing on paper, we would then scan our drawings into the computer and use Photoshop to add color and digitalize our drawing. I picked a few random items that were laying on my desk and the main featured item was the computer mouse.

digital drawing of mouse, and calculator

Nearly 4 years later in late 2018 / Early 2019 I created the mouse logo. I was clicking through my old digital artwork and found my mouse drawing. I thought it would be cool to trace a polygon over the mouse and make something unique and Bam! Finally, after failing and creating awful logos trying to fit a “T” and an “S” together I finally made something that worked.

digital drawing of mouse, and calculator

Not only was the mouse icon interesting to look at, but this mouse had meaning. The logo wasn’t just a cool version of an old art piece. I’ve been using computers since early childhood. I taught myself everything I know regarding computers, tech etc. Like a carpenter isn’t without their hammer or tape measure, I’m not without a computer. I’ve got a degree in Digital Media and use a computer daily for my career. Why did I not think of it sooner. For time reference this logo was made shortly after graduating from college.

I’m happy I landed on this design. I took what I’ve learned in the process and used that to help others make a brand, design, or graphic that they are proud of. And that is my logo story.